General Terms:

By registering to take part in Sifnos Run, you are agreeing to comply with these General Terms and Conditions. In the event that you do not agree, please do not submit your registration to the Race.

• The age limit to take part in the Sifnos Run 10Km race is 15+ years old.

• The age limit to take part in the Sifnos Run 5Km race is 12+ years old.

• The age limit to take part in the Sifnos Run 1000m Kids’ Race is up to 12 years old.

In the case of minor participants in the Kids’ Race, registrations must be submitted by the parent/person exercising parental responsibility. By submitting the relevant entry form, the consent of the parent or guardian responsible for the participation of the child in the event is assumed.

All participants in Sifnos Run are fully aware of and understand the full risks involved in their participation in the race, with regards to possible damages, or harm to their health.  Every runner participates in the event of their own free will, and bears full responsibility as to their physical condition and fitness to participate. All runners participate in the event at their own personal responsibility. By taking part in the race, they officially declare, in accordance with the terms of article 8 of Law 1599/1986 and in full knowledge of the relevant penalties, that they have undertaken the necessary medical examinations that prove they are in good health to take part in the race; in addition, they waive any claim against the organiser for possible damage or harm by any cause. All participants compete at their own responsibility and, in the case of minors, at the responsibility and with the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Sifnos Run bears no responsibility in case of injury, damage, or any other harm that may be caused by participating in or viewing the event. Sifnos Run bears no responsibility for the loss of clothing or other personal items belonging to the Participants.

Only runners who have duly, officially and in time registered for the event can participate in the races organised by Sifnos Run. Participants are obligated to bear the race bib, issued by the Organising Committee of the event, on the front of their t-shirt. Non-compliance with the former instruction may lead to their disqualification from the race.

Sifnos Run is held on the date advertised, regardless of weather conditions. The race may only be postponed or cancelled, depending on the current conditions, in the event of extreme weather phenomena or force majeure. In such cases, the registration fee is not refunded to the registered runners.

Sifnos Run reserves the right to change the event’s schedule, the terms and conditions regarding participation and staging of the event, without prior notice; it is, therefore, advisable, to visit the Sifnos Run website at regular intervals, in order to stay up-to-date with possible changes.

Personal Data

In order to register for Sifnos Run, you will be asked to provide your full (first and last) name, your gender, your date of birth, your email address, your contact telephone number, and your t-shirt size. The reason we collect your personal data is to provide you with the necessary information on the event, contact you with regards to potential issues that may arise in relation to your participation (e.g. to confirm your registration and participation in the Race), as well as in order to publicise the results of the race, per race or per age category, on our website or on other media.

Our website does not sell, lease or share your data in any way with third parties. By registering to take part in the Race, however, you agree that your personal data will be provided to third parties for the purpose of race timing and ranking of results, as well as their publication on the internet. Personal data provided as part of the registration process is used exclusively for purposes related to the organisation and staging of the event. 

Runners expressly agree and consent to being photographed and filmed without financial compensation, and to the appearance of the event, their name and their image in any printed or broadcast media or social network for promotional purposes. Participants consent to the use of their image captured during the race by the organisers, sponsors, or other partners of the event, for the purposes of publicity and future promotional actions, with no right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.

Participants in the event declare that their participation does not in any way violate or cause harm to their personality, health and/or bodily integrity.

Our Website provides the option to interact with social networking sites, and to navigate to third-party websites. Our Website have no control over these pages or their content, and is not in a position to know their privacy settings. Visits to any such social media and third-party websites are undertaken at your own responsibility. For that reason, we would advise you to acquaint yourself with their privacy policies prior to using any link on our Website.

By registering to take part in Sifnos Run, through completing the registration form on our website, you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list, to receive Newsletters and updates regarding the organisation and staging of the race. In the event that you do not wish to receive notifications from Sifnos Run, you may request to be removed from our database at any time, by completing the relevant contact form available on our website.


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Cookies in use on this website are Google research & analytic cookies, which pertain to user statistics, and Facebook cookies, pertaining to social media access.

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Registration for any of the Sifnos Run races is only possible through the online registration platform available on our website. A registration is considered valid on the condition that it has been successfully submitted as stated above and that the participation fee, as determined on the date of registration, is successfully paid, and the amount of the participation fee has been credited to the organisers’ account.

The participation fee is 10€ for the 5Km and 10Km races.

Participation in the Kids’ Race is free.

After completing the registration form, you will receive instructions on paying the participation fee.

The participation fee must be paid into the organiser’s bank account, as follows:


IBAN: GR9501106690000066947066172

Attention: All deposits/transfers must include the payee’s full name.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive confirmation of its validity at the email address provided.

Please note: This website will never ask for details of your Credit or Debit or Prepaid card, or any other type of payment card, nor are electronic payments taken on the site. Its purpose is exclusively to provide information on the race and facilitate your registration.

• Registrations that do not comply with the registration process, as defined by the instructions posted on the event’s website, will be cancelled without prior notice.

• Changes on confirmed registrations (replacement of runner, change of race, etc) are not possible under any circumstances after the closing of the registration period.

• Cancellations of confirmed registrations are only possible by completing the relevant contact form and following the instructions issued.

• Once registration has been confirmed, participants can make no further changes regarding their selected t-shirt size.

Collection of bib numbers & timing chips:

Race bibs will be collected in Sifnos one day prior to the race, as well as on the day of the Race itself. Details will follow upon registration.


Electronic Timing – Results:

The official race timing company CHRONOSYSTEMS Timing & Sport Services is in charge of electronic timing and the publication of results for both races. All participating runners must wear their bib number with the embedded timing chip issued to them at the Registration Desk. 

Support Stations:

Available at 2.5 Km, at 5Km, and at the finish line.

Distinctions – Prizes:

Prizes (medal and cup) will be awarded to the first three (3) Men and the first three (3) Women of the general classification, for the 5Km and 10Km races, respectively.

All runners who complete the race will receive a commemorative medal. Certificates of participation will be available to download from the event’s official website: www.sifnosrun.gr


Race Day Terms & Conditions:

Participants are obliged to strictly follow the instructions of the organisers, volunteers, event staff, and the police. Any breach of or non-compliance with the race regulations will result in the disqualification of the participant from the event and erasure from the race results without any kind of compensation.

For reasons of safety:

• Runners may not join the race with bicycles, trailers, carts, dogs, or any other type of mechanical assistance.

• Any participants who arrive after the commencement of the race will not be allowed to take part.

• Bib numbers are personal and non-transferable; they cannot be passed on or given to another runner under any circumstances.

• Participants are obliged to follow and comply with the instructions provided by Sifnos Run, and which are also available on the event’s website

• Access to the race course, and the areas at the start/finish of the event is not permitted under any circumstances to non-registered runners.

• Every participant is obliged to fill in, at their own responsibility, the data required on the back their race bib, be it contact information, or personal medical data.

The time limit to complete the 5km Road Race is set to 1 hour (60 minutes) from the start time of the race.

The time limit to complete the 10km Race is set to 2 hours (120 minutes) from the start time of the race.